Hier sind ein paar pics der grandiosen Fabulous Disaster .Grrr hhmmmm Lynda issse nich süss?? Sweet little guitar-girl!!! Wenn ihr Voyeure eure Lust befriedigt habt, könnt Ihr Euch dat Inti, dat ich mit der süßen Lynda per mail geführt habe, mal zu Gemüte führen.


Yeah, et is vollbracht!

O:. Would you like to introduce the band first?

LYNDA: Sure, we are Fabulous Disaster from San Francisco, CA, USA, here we have Laura Litter on lead vocals, Sally Gess on drums, Mr. Nancy on bass, and me, Lynda Mandolyn on guitar and vocals


O:.Tell us some basic things like bandfoundation and publications.

LYNDA: We formed in 1998, our first cd is called "pretty Killers" on Evil Eye Records (www.evileyerecords.com) then we got signed to Pink and Black/Fat Wreck and released "Put Out or Get Out" in the Spring of 2001 (www.pinkandblack.com)


O:.In which other bands did you play before Fabulous-Disaster? I´ve heard the

>rumour, that one of you have played in a Death-Metal band, is it true?

LYNDA: No, none of us were in a death metal band..where did you hear that?? hahahaha.. I used to be in Inside Out, from Detroit, which toured Germany twice in the early 90's, Laura, Sally and I used to be in a band called Piston before Fabulous Disaster, Mr. Nancy was in Angel Corpus Christi.


O:.When do you come to Germany? Do you like Europe, particular Germany?

LYNDA: We love Germany, it's one of our most favorites!! We come back and play in May/June to Europe with Bambim from Holland, I think we play Berlin June 1st, check out our website for all the upcoming dates:  www.fabulous-disaster.com

O:.When can we expect a new album?

LYNDA: We should head into the studio in the fall 2002, hopefully it should be out in early 2003!


O:.The Real Mc Kenzies wear nothing under her kilts, so now the most>interested question for the german crowd, what is Lynda wearing under her>dress???

LYNDA:  Wouldn't you like to know??? ;) Victoria Secret underwear, of course and the hottest ass in rock and roll baby! Just ask Dirty Kurt from the Real McKenzies, they are the sexiest men in the universe ;)


O:.Your webpage is very great , it looks really professional! Who has>created this masterpiece?

LYNDA: The most handsomest man in the world, my husband Serge does out website, under my art direction of course and his. He does this sort of thing as a living so he is a real pro, not just at building websites though at other things too, hubba, hubba!


O:. OK , girls , this is just for you! Tell us any important or boring stuff!

LYNDA: I don't know, um we're touring with NOFX in the states and Canada, then we go to europe with the Dickies in April/May, then we'll be back to europe in May/June, how's that for a busy schedule? We're not complaining!!! Oh yeah, buy our records!!! Thanks for the interview!!! xoxoxoxo

O:I´ve to thank you and it was a pleasure for me. All the best and good luck for the tour.

Hey Friends!!!

If you live in the Sacramento, CA area please come to a kick ass punk rock

WHEN: Monday, April 22nd 8pm
WHERE: The Capitol Garage in Sacramento
WHO: Final Sumation, Fabulous Disaster (9pm, San Francisco) The Real
Mckenzies (10pm, Vancouver)

We just got off our tour with NOFX, it was amazing, now off to Japan with
the Dickies, this is our last US show before Japan so please come down and
tell all your friends!!!

For all the latest Fabulous Disaster tour dates and info, please visit:

Check out our good friends the Real McKenzies website
too:  www.realmckenzies.com

How to get to Capitol Garage: www.capitolgarage.com

Hope to see you there!! :)

Love, the Fab 4 :))))

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